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This is another idea for your resume layout. See notes at the bottom.


Frances Adam
#103-204 Agnes Street
New Westminster, BC V3L 1E6
Phone: (604)-516-0562

_____Work Experience
_____Computer Skills
_____Business Equipment

_____Click on buttons for more information.

O B J E C T I V E___________________________________________

_____A position with a medium to large production company requiring a personable, conscientious
_____individual experienced in accounts payable, inventory, and customer service.


W O R K__E X P E R I E N C E_________________________________

March 1998-present
_____Wilson International Products Limited, Richmond, British Columbia
_____Accounts Payable & Inventory Clerk, Receptionist
_____(Duties, 2 or 3 lines)

February 1998
_____Hunt Personnel - Temporarily Yours, Vancouver, British Columbia
_____Accounts Payable Clerk for Hong Kong Bank of Canada
_____(Duties, 2 or 3 lines)

September 1996-September 1997
_____Edward Chapman Ladies Shops Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia
_____Assistant to the Comptroller
_____(Duties, 2 or 3 lines)

January-December 1995
_____Nike Canada Ltd., Coquitlam, British Columbia
_____Accounting Assistant
_____(Duties, 2 or 3 lines)



E D U C A T I O N___________________________________________

(month) 1997
_____Douglas College, New Westminster, British Columbia
_____Accounting Management Diploma
_____(Brief description of important courses; button will link to further details on other page)

(month) 1992
_____Centennial Senior Secondary School, Coquitlam, British Columbia
_____(type of graduation diploma)
_____(brief course highlights)



C O M P U T E R__S K I L L S____________________________________

Have used the following applications personally and professionally:
_____ Microsoft Office 97
_____ Claris Works (ver)
_____ ACCPAC (ver)
_____ TinyTerm (ver)
_____ Oracle (ver)


B U S I N E S S__E Q U I P M E N T________________________________

_____Have used Meridian phone systems with up to 6 lines and 16 extensions


I N T E R E S T S / H O B B I E S__________________________________

_____Reading, writing poetry
_____Quilting and sewing
_____Going to the gym


R E F E R E N C E S_____________________________________________

Helen Wilson
_____Comptroller, Wilson International Products Limited

Glenda Bauman, CGA
_____Comptroller, Edward Chapman Ladies' Shops

Markus Clodius
_____Researcher/Student, Biosciences department, Simon Fraser University



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If any of your other references have e-mail, this is a perfect place to put their addresses. I even put e-mail addresses beside some of my former employers and instructors, on the details page (see my resume).

This version is still basically a clone of my online resume.