30-Foot Jib Crane for Knelson Concentrators

While at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), I designed a crane for a local mining equipment company along with two other students. This is the final report for that project.

The final report was first submitted to two instructors as a paper document. After it was marked, I revised it, turning it into a rich-text document with links to all of the relevant sections and files. I burned the revised report onto a CD and presented it to our corporate sponsor along with the printed copy of the report.

Final Report, by George Beckingham, David Wang, and Michael Chen
Summary (Word document)
Report (Word document)

After completing the design work, but before completing the report, our team gave a formal presentation of our results to our instructors, classmates, and corporate sponsor. This is the presentation we gave.

Final Presentation
Power Point ducument

Upon completion, the design and all related documents became the property of Knelson Concentrators. Any enquiries regarding use of the design, or any of the files connected to this document, should be directed to them.

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30-Foot Jib Crane for Knelson Concentrators, copyright 2002 by Knelson Concentrators