Special Section: Mars Links


New links:

NEAR Mission
Watch the Shoemaker probe land on Eros on February 12, 2001.

Not the Crackpot Files
A huge list of interesting science pages from all frontiers.

Perpetual Motion Machines
What is perpetual motion? What are the rules for designing a PMM? Find more on this page by a Physics instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Science Online, by Jastlo!
Part of the Jastlo! Marketing Specialists group. This is their science section, but you can use them to find sites of all types.

Nico Benschop's Homepage
Nico is an Electrical Engineer and mathematician from the Netherlands. His site has tons of articles and archived newsgroup discussions on just about every advanced topic imaginable. See this one in particular about why the cosmic redshift does not necessarily have to come from an expanding universe.

Bad Astronomy
Are you unsure of the accuracy of a science news item? Think a new theory smells funny? Find the real story on Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy.

Personal Homepages:

New and Alternative Theories of Physics
A huge list of links to all sorts of articles dealing with alternative theories.

Spacetimer's Page
Spacetimer focuses on the absurdity of Big Bang cosmology. He has a good pro and con paper online, with other documents available by mail.

Steve Edmonson's Homepage
Observing and Astrophotography Information

Curt Renshaw's Physics Page
Articles, links, another Frontier!

Nancy Bernsein's Homepage
Think you're an astronomical expert? Take Nancy's quiz!

The Galaxy
Yup, he's got the whole thing in there.

Other Pages:

Discover Magazine
One of the world's most popular Science magazines online

Fractint Homepage
Fractint is a free program that lets you render fractal images on your computer.

Galileo Homepage

IAU Minor Planet Center
Have you discovered a comet? This is the place to report it.

Tunguska: The Cosmic Mystery of the Century
An article by the Director of the Southworth Planetarium

Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures
Features some spectacular images of galaxies and nebulae