Here are some science-related organizations that will give you free information:

The Mars Society
Send humans to Mars within ten years, for a fraction of the cost of the Apollo program? The Mars Society wants Bush to do it.

Mars News
Find out the latest on the push to send people to Mars.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLNL is operated by the University of California under a contract with the US Department of Energy.

The Canadian Science Writers' Association
An association of writers and journalists dedicated to the quality of science writing.

Association of Science-Technology Centers
Looking for a museum? You’ll find it here.

National Institute for Science Education
A nise resource for Science teachers.

National Science Foundation
A large, government-run science foundation.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science
A large organization, publishers of “Science”.

Science Online
Sign up for a free limited membership and read selected journal articles online.

Science Service
Read Science News Online free

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