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Here you will find articles by other authors. If you have written a paper you would like me to consider adding to the frontier, or if you have read a significant paper somewhere that you think should be added, e-mail me (change 'spam' to 'com').

The Significance of the Martian Frontier, by Robert Zubrin
Reading this essay was the main reason I created The Frontier. Humanity has always thrived when there has been a frontier to conquer, whether it was the Atlantic Ocean, the Northwest Passage, or the American west. Today we have conquered our terrestrial forntiers, but we are faced with a choice of destinations beyond the globe. In this inspirational paper, Robert Zubrin explains why our next destination should be Mars.

The Planet That Wasn't, by Isaac Asimov
As late 19th century astronomers organized their view of the solar system, one problem remained: Mercury moved in such a way that could only be explained by an undiscovered planet. What became of the search for planet Vulcan? And what role did the ancient Greeks play in the search?

Articles not on The Frontier

Cause of the Characteristics of Quasars, by Charles Weber
Weber proposes that the way quasars appear to us is a result of the gravitational lensing of a jet of material inside an active galaxy.

Cosmological Red Shift, by Charles Weber
In this paper, Weber offers another explanation for the Hubble Redshift: gravitational interaction of photons with large bodies.