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My favorites:

The Dilbert Zone
The Dilbert Zone has been removed due to the introduction of persistent pop-up ads.

A huge humorous index that looks eerily familiar

Aaha! jokes
Thousands of clean jokes, audio files, movie clips, cartoons, pictures, daily humor, and more.

Jokes, songs, message boards, e-mailed jokes... this site has everything!
Huge humor archive: jokes, funny pictures, stories, games, greetings and more!

The Top Ten Humor Sites on the Web
Looking for quality, not quantity? This site has only ten links, and that's it, but the owners have scoured thousands, and consider these ten to be the best.

Wisecat's Top 100 Websites
Top 100 sites in many categories, plus free-for-all links.


Important note: Like most surfers, I hate pop-ups of any kind. I will accept links from Geocities, Fortune City, or other free servers that use a small pop-up ad, but if you have your own pop-up ad, a pop-under (like the X-10 ad), or an exit console, your link will be deleted.

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