What if WalMart were like Windows

After being kindly directed by Garry Knight to an article I read not long ago about the direction M$ is going I was dumbfounded to say the least. I think computers are a mysterious piece of electronics many people have in their homes that they understand very little about.

I had this thought of going to the local Wal-Mart shopping and having to sign an agreement to allow them to periodically come to my home and search through my things to see what products I buy and what products are coming from their store. I thought about them coming back to my place to check up on me and make sure that Christmas CD I bought was only being played on my home stereo and not in my car, but rather making sure I bought two or three of the same CD.

What an invasion of privacy that would be. Sounds like the KGB or something. Nobody would stand for it. As a matter of fact I could just see boycots, lawsuits and protests of every kind. Yet some companies seem to be allowed to do that with almost no questions asked.

Go Figure!!!

Posted to AOLM by Paul I