Where can I find more information about Linux?

One thing you'll probably notice about Linux links: with the exception of the home pages for the various Linux distributions, very few of them end in .com. Linux is not primarily a commercial venture; its existence is based on results, not profit.

Where to Find General Information

Linux Online
http://www.linux.org Applications, documentation, distributions, general info... This is your source for information about Linux.

Where to Find Help

The Mandrake Linux Newsgroup, also known as a.o.l.m. If you choose Mandrake as your first distribution, you'll spend a lot of time here. Even if you choose another distro, you'll probably drop in from time to time.

The AOLM Portal
The portal site for the Mandrake newsgroup is a resource for all Linux users. Find help on video drivers, window managers, scanners, and everything else you need.

With 40,000 registered users, this is a good place to start. Ask a question in the forum, or choose from hundreds of 'Newbieized Help Files'

Where to Find Software

Searching for software? This is the first place to look. If you use Mandrake, Red Had, or SuSe, you can take advantage of RPMs, which are as easy to install as any Windows installer.

You can do a number of things at SourceForge. You can download alpha and beta test versions of new apps to use and evaluate; you can download stable versions of apps; you can participate in the development of a new program; you can start a project to develop an application you want to see. And you don't have to be a programmer to participate.

This is another site where developers release new, bleeding-edge programs. Find a program you can't find anywhere else, or find a developer to create one for you.

Where to Find Fun Stuff

Want to buy a server? Or maybe a stuffed Tux toy? Find everything Linux in one place.

The World Famous Tux Gallery
Over 300 different pictures of Tux, the Linux mascot, dressed up for the holidays, in space, in 3-D... a Tux for all occasions.