Why are more people using Linux?

There are a number of reasons more people than ever before are trying Linux:

  • Stability - A growing number of small businesses are using Linux because it is a very stable networking platform. Linux servers are so stable, they have been known to operate for several years with no unscheduled downtime.
  • Price - Most Linux distributions and applications are free software, released under some variation of the GNU Public License. When you buy a copy of Windows, the license restricts you to using it on one computer. Even if you buy a retail Linux package with CDs and manuals, you can install it on as many computers are you wish.
  • Total Cost of Ownership - The cost of your operating system is not limited to the price of the software. Depending on what you want to do with your computer system, Linux may give you a lower overall cost than the alternatives.
  • What's Included - Many Linux distributions come with complete suites of applications, including multiple office suites, web browsers, image viewers and editors, and many network tools.
  • What's Available - There are thousands of Linux applications and utilities available for purchase or free download. See the links for a few places to start.
  • Freedom - The term 'free software' does not primarily refer to monetary cost. If you don't like a feature of GPL software, you are free to change it to suit your requirements.