This section has everything, from things that make you laugh, to things that make you go hmm..., to things that make you glad George Bush wasn't assassinated in office.

Most of these quotes come from 'The 776 Stupidest Things Ever Said'. The Steven Wright Quotes are from the humor list server of the Piano Technicians Guild, and from an HBO comedy special. Other quotes come from various e-mail and newsgroup sources. Pat Johanneson is an old friend of mine who occasionally says something intelligent.

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Yogi Berra (53)
Gerald Ford (9)
Danforth Quayle (37)
Stephen Wright (49)
Norm Peterson (20)
Rodney Dangerfield (20)
Miscellaneous Quotes (28)
George Bush (34)
Samuel Goldwyn (69)
Ronald Reagan (28)
Pat Johanneson (23)
Mark Twain (30)
Things Kids Say (5)

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