From the home office in Lac Brochet, Manitoba:
the top ten reasons to visit The Joke Hold!

New Metric Conversion Chart (21)
You Know You're Drinking Too Much Coffee When... (36)
Rules for Cats who have a house to run (16)
Rules for Dogs who have a yard to protect (13)
Assembly Language Codes (44)
Actual Signs (39)
Crossbreeds (14)
Oxymorons (51)
Van Gogh's Family (19)
Only in America (11)
Definitions (19)
My name is... (87)
Reasons why farm trucks are never stolen (11)
Found on actual job applications (17)
How to be a good Republican (15)
Bar Translations (21)
How to tell if a redneck has been using your computer (10)
How To Keep A Healthy Level Of Insanity (21)
Church Bulletin Bloopers (18)
GM vs. Microsoft (12)

How to Understand Various Forms of Government (23)
Engineering Teminology Explained (20)
You Might Be in Education If... (24)
She was so blonde... (30)
You Know You're Too Stressed If... (26)
Shortest Books (22)
Bumper Stickers (48)
Little-Known Facts (116)
How to make a cop angry (80)
Actual Product Instructions (15)
What did you get for Christmas? (11)
Top Ten Things To Do While Stuck In Traffic (10)
Bill of No Rights (9)
Overheard at the library (15)
You might be a redneck Jedi if... (18)
Actual insurance claims (25)
Things They Said in 1959 (35)
Music terms you never knew (21)
The Cynic's Guide To Life (17)

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